This blog post is about me trying to explain of how I go about endorsements and what my thought process is behind them. I know you probably think it’s just extra money or free products, but for me it’s really not all about that. Obviously that side of it plays a big role in branding myself, but it is never the main reason why I choose to partner with certain companies. I always want to try the product and learn as much as I possibly can about the company before making a commitment. For me it just needs to be something I believe in and can fully stand behind. I have a bachelors degree in management and therefore understand the business world to a certain extent, which makes me also interested in how different companies position themselves and use their brand to reach customers. I see myself as a helping hand to those companies and therefore would never want endorse something that I don’t believe in myself. 

Let’s take a few examples here. That’s the easiest way for me to describe it. I have always been an adidas guy and have never really played with any other cleats my entire soccer life. When I got drafted, however, I had an opportunity to switch brands and would have gotten a better deal, too. I tried the other cleats, but ultimately didn’t feel comfortable in them so I turned it down and stuck with what I knew worked for me. Also Adidas headquarters is about 15 minutes away from my home town in Germany and therefore there is always that connection to home.

Now, if you look at one of my most recent endorsement with ReST performance, you see more of a startup company that has a lot of similarities to my soccer career and even Atlanta United. Once I heard about them and looked more into what their product offers, I was actually blown away. Essentially ReST is a mattress company that has found a way to incorporate newest technology to optimize sleep and therefore the best and most natural form of recovery for me as an athlete. Their mattress has different air chambers and the firmness level adjusts in the different areas based on how much pressure there is. This whole adjustment helps optimize blood flow throughout the body and therefore optimizes the recovery process. (https://www.restperformance.com) Once Casey and I tried the mattress and had a great meeting about the companies values and how their product works, we ultimately decided to partner with them. Our sleep has honestly been incredible ever since we got the new mattress and it feels good to support an Atlanta-based company that is just getting started with a truly amazing product.

In general, all endorsement deals I commit to are done with that kind of thought process. I use the product and stand behind it 100%. Obviously getting paid and being able to get free products is part of it, but there is more to it than that and those two factors are never the ones that ultimately lead me to becoming a brand ambassador of a certain company.

Toronto didn’t go the way we wanted to, but we were able to pick up important 3 points at home against Montreal and hope to continue that way!



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