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First of all I want to apologize for taking so long to write my next blog post. When I started this I never wanted it to jeopardize the thing that matters most, which is me playing soccer. The last month has been a grind physically and mentally with so many games in a short amount of time. Here and there I sat down and started writing a little, but I could never really focus enough to finish a whole post. I’ve definitely not forgotten about it and actually have some good ideas in mind for the coming posts.


Let’s actually talk a little about the Gresselmania gear and what we intended with it. I absolutely love the G icon we created for the brand and think that it looks great on the items, as well. Obviously, Gresselmania has become a great way for people to recognize my brand and the icon is supposed to be an extension to that. The lineup of clothes will be adjusted and expanded as we move forward, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments about current products. The clothes are really meant to be worn for any type of day. These aren’t just fan items, but we rather wanted to create it for the everyday use. If that is at the gym, walking around the city, having a coffee with friends, or some similar situation, the Gresselmania gear should be an easy option for all of them. 

One exciting thing that happened during the last part of our tough stretch was the fact that I got my green card. I was actually supposed to have it towards the end of last year, but the whole process did not go as me, or Atlanta United had hoped for (I can’t really provide more detail). After getting married in December we immediately applied again and this time it actually happened faster than expected and here I am as a permanent resident holder.

This past month was by far the most demanding, physically and mentally, in my soccer life. The amount of games paired with all the travel we had to do was immense. The good thing that came from it were a good number of wins that had us climbing the table quite a bit. Feels good to look at the standings now again, doesn’t it?

That’s it from me for now. Like I mentioned earlier, I have a few more ideas on topics to write about in the near future, but don’t hesitate to throw any topics my way.


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  1. AJ

    Love the Gresselmania gear! You should try to make backpacks next!

  2. AJ

    Love the Gresselmania gear! You should try to make backpacks next!

  3. Wills Porter

    Awesome read!

  4. fernando somoza jr

    I’d like to see more merch with the word “Gresselmania” actually on it. Back of a fitted cap, down a long sleeve shirt, back of a shirt. Stuff like that. That way when we see each other wearing it, we can greet each other with “GRESSELMANIAAAAAAAAAA!!!”

    1. Jenny Dowd

      I agree with Fernando. More gear that pairs both the stylized G with the spelled out “Gresselmania” wording. To build the brand recognition you want (that would extend beyond the ATLUTD fanbase), you need to first associate the logo with who you are so that the casual (less ‘in the know’) fan will recognize the “G” as you. Once the brand is built up, you can back off of having Gresselmania spelled out on everything. That’s the two cents of an old marketing hack (Me). 🙂 Keep being awesome, Julian!

  5. Shivam Patel

    Any plans on selling signed gear?

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