Positive Mind

          Let’s not beat around the bush here. We did not have the best start to our season. The results speak for themselves and on top of that our performances have not been great, either. I understand that after last season, the bar has been raised and expectations are very high. They should be high and we want to live up to those expectations. In no way do I want all of you to think that we would ever be content with our recent results and performances. 

          On the other side, there have been a lot of changes to our team and they have affected us more than we thought they would. If you look at the best teams around the world, Real Madrid or even Bayern Munich, for example, they also have difficulties when they get a new coach or a key player leaves the club. Madrid has been struggling all season after Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo left the club. Bayern had a difficult start to the season with a new coaching staff, but are now back on top of the Bundesliga standings. These types of things are very common throughout the soccer world and that is what makes me feel positive for the future and the rest of the season. I felt like we improved in every game and that is the important part. Taking steps in the right direction, making progress and learning from past games. 

It is important that we keep a positive mind, that we keep working hard, and that we stick together. If we start questioning things and don’t all pull in the same direction, we might not get out of this tough spot for a while. We have enough quality to be one of the best teams in MLS again and to repeat as champions. It is still very early in the season and a positive mind and positive attitude paired with hard work will get us back to having better results and better performances. I can promise you that everybody in the locker room will do everything in their power to turn this around and keep making steps in the right direction.   

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  1. Allison Cupertino

    We are looking forward to having you guys back home! ❤️????

  2. Saima

    Love this attitude!!

  3. GTAU

    This is just one reason the fans love you here. The fans are seeing the hard work. Let’s talk booing. I think it was the fans letting FdB know that we want better. The next game the fans got loud to show the players the love and passion. This is the first Atlanta team that the fans believe you can hoist the cup each last year. That’s huge for Atlanta. Yes the falcons are great but it’s different.

  4. Ty

    Thank you, Julian! We know that the team is giving everything and that you are all tired from a hectic start to the season. It is interesting to watch you guys learn and adjust to the changes, you always have our support and we believe in you! ????⚫️????⚫️????

  5. Eliana

    We’ve got your back! Thank you for allowing us to see what you and the boys feel and think, I appreciate it.

  6. Joe B

    I, for one, have said that we are disappointed in the early results but we are confident that you guys are working hard. It’s definitely not the start we hoped for but it’s early. Keep the faith! We got y’alls back . #UniteAndConquer

  7. Matt Haney

    We feel for you. Lot of change and ultra competitive and challenging conditions to start the season. We know with time you’ll get rolling again. You got this. ????

  8. Craig

    The last (and first) time we had a new coach, the team went 7-7-3 in the first half of the season. While expectations are higher now, it still takes time to adjust. I have faith in you, the team, the staff, and the FO!

    On a side note, the next home match is on my birthday, 3 points would be a nice gift!

  9. Adam M.

    Thank you for the transparency. Please carry our support and faith back to anyone who might need a pick-me-up. We’re still here rowdy & proud.

  10. Maureen R.

    Thank you for this blog. I support you and the team and am with you all as you make your adjustments. We know you can do it!

  11. Amanda M.

    You guys have had a grueling start to the season, so this is completely understandable. I feel confident things will begin to click for you all. Enjoy your break!

    1. Andrew S.

      Thank You Julian! Your insight and your thoughts into the team and how you are feeling gives us fans hope about the season and how you guys can turn it around.

      Also, it would be great if you had maybe a goal celebration that you could start. I liked the ‘airplane’ one you did and the golf swing. Maybe we could bring those back for future goals?

  12. Gail

    I love this team. In the time I grew up, soccer was not big here. But I loved it anyway. I learned about the Atlanta Chiefs, followed the Atlanta Attack, Silverbacks, Georgia Revs…..Any time soccer came to Atlanta I would be there. Having Atlanta United is a dream come true. I know not every season will be as magical as these last two, but I will alway love my team.
    Much love from a die-hard and loyal fan. #17

  13. Jaimie Robertson

    It’s always difficult when there are changes, especially large ones. Personally, I haven’t been as worried as others. There’s never been a sense of complacency coming from the team, and I think that you guys will sort everything out as things settle. I also think this break is really good for the team (at least for those not on international duty). You have our support!

  14. Travis

    Well said Gressel! Us the #17 stand by our team! I grew up playing soccer and it is so exciting that our city has this professional soccer club. My wife , kids and I have watched all the games from the start and will continue to watch and support the team. Its so cool that my wife started watching the games with us and she never really liked watching sports before! Just another 5 stripes fan to stay!???? Hopefully one day we can save up enough to actually go to a game! Until then we will keep rooting everyone on from the couch????????????

  15. Paul

    Not just all the changes but every team wants to beat Atlanta. This adds even more pressure. I have no doubt that the team will gel and be the leaders with players like you.

  16. Rebekah Wortman

    Always together!!! Atlanta means family and we are with you guys. I will still be at every game cheering my heart out. VAMOS!!! ❤️????❤️????❤️

  17. Amy

    We love you Julian and THANK YOU for this! I hope y’all know that the 17s are behind y’all and we know good things are ahead! We are here regardless because that is what a fan does!

  18. Rebecca Horn

    What a forthright post! Let me tell you, though, I see the greatness in all of you. It may take a little more time than anyone might want, but when the click happens…and it will….you guys are going to be a nightmare for other teams to face. And I will be in my noremal spot in the Benz screaming like a banshee and then telling everyone I told them so. Keep it up; you will get there and your true fans are with you 100%!

  19. Randy

    Keep the faith and trust the process….we are behind you all the way!!!

  20. Mark Walker

    Well said, Julian! We are behind you guys!!!!!

  21. Abby Shiffman

    Thank you for reminding us (the 17s) that patience is not easy with all of the changes …. And we MUST stay positive as well! ❤️????❤️????❤️

  22. Shelbey

    I have to remind my dad this every time he rants after games. Patience as a supporter is key in moments like this. We have so much talent on the field. When all the new pieces fall into place, this team will be unstoppable yet again.

  23. JMC2003

    Stronger together. I am in full support of all you lads as players & for the team. We will get back to our winning ways. ????⚫️

  24. Steve Pierce

    Can you talk about your perspective on the style of play that FdB has installed? From a fan’s view, it seems like a high possession with a lower risk appetite than what Tata had pushed for. Focusing on defensive coverage responsibilities makes sense since he was one of the best defensive players ever. Is that the case? Fans loved Tata’s blitzkrieg but I’d say that’s just the casual American perspective. The true fans will be here when you rise up out of this tough spot!

  25. MissyM

    We are UNITED. Win or lose, this is our team. You guys WILL improve and adjust, and we will still be in the seats to see you do it. We know it takes a lot of work to be a champion, and we appreciate your blog and honest thoughts.

  26. fernando somoza jr

    PMA all they way! I’ll never stop yelling GRESSELMANIA!!!

  27. Ron Mexico

    Mr. Gressel… Love the attitude. Love the way you play. Atlanta loves you guys.

  28. Dog Petersburg

    That’s a great attitude. We’re literally cheering for you guys 🙂 Best of luck preparing the Columbus match. Thank you for being sincere about the rough start.

  29. Biggs

    As a great coach once said (recently):
    “Be calm. But don’t be afraid. Know what you’re playing for and know who you’re playing for. Be aware of the chance we have and the expectation that comes with it. Play for Atlanta.”

    We are behind you 100%, Julian!

  30. Gabus

    Good post
    Keep giving us insights into our team.
    If the personalities on the team stick together, the results will come!

  31. Angelo

    Great attitude Julian! It’s about managing what you can control and inspire with positive energy your teammates on and off the field. The 17s believe in you, and know you guys can be #1 again playing great/exciting football together, better than you ever have. I won’t put you on the spot asking about coaching, systems etc… wouldn’t be fair plus too many variables in very short time. But as a player you gotta believe in the staff and team, going 100% leaving it all on the field day in and out, like you are. The rest is for Coach and the FO to figure out, and while it may be too early to “judge” Coach, we have full faith in YOU Champs, uncle Arthur, and our FO in their efforts to make our Atlanta United a global brand. Keep up the great attitude, those killer passes to Josef and the hard work!

  32. Abby

    Can I request a story about Freddie?

    1. Gresselmania24

      I’ll do one about Freddy one day! 🙂

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